Carbon emissions from buildings account for around 20% of the UK’s total emissions. The Climate Change Committee estimates that, by 2035, 50% of heat demand will need to be met by low-carbon sources. Heat pumps are seen as a key technology, with plans set out in the Government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy to grow the UK supply chain to a market capacity of 600,000 per year by 2028. However, high costs and a lack of suitable skills in the supply chain are limiting the deployment of heat pumps in the UK. A new support mechanism, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, has been brough in by the Government, although this has faced some criticism from, among others, the Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee.

This POSTnote will consider developments in heat pump technology, evidence from existing installations and trials, and current policy drivers that aim to accelerate the deployment of heat pumps in the UK.

Work on this briefing commenced in April 2023.

Photo by:  (© By Yurii

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