Palliative and end of life care (EOLC) refer to the care of people who have an incurable and progressive illness. Demand for EOLC is set to increase rapidly, due to population ageing and more people living for longer with multiple and complex conditions.

This POSTnote will update an existing POSTnote on Palliative and end of life care (PN 481). It will provide an overview of EOLC and its key components, approaches to managing and standardising care and key challenges to providing high quality care. It will discuss the role of Advance Care Planning (ACP) conversations and review the potential impact of the recent Health & Care Act 2022 on EOLC. It will identify the barriers for patients to access EOLC including access, public perspectives and inequalities. It will summarise available evidence on rapid response services and other community palliative care services as well as evidence from rapid evaluation of the COVID-19 pandemic response in palliative care. It will also look at how to optimise resource use in specialist palliative care services.

Work on this POSTnote has started.

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