AI and data science skills typically refer to a range of technical abilities including coding, statistical analysis and software engineering. These skills will become increasingly important to the UK for harnessing the potential social and economic benefits of data, and for meeting UK Government goals and commitments – such as those set out in the UK Digital Strategy, the National AI Strategy and the Defence AI Strategy.

This POSTnote will provide an overview of the AI and data science skills landscape in the UK. It will assess availability and demand for these specialist skills and summarise their significance to the economy, individuals and wider society. It will also consider how these skills are developed, and the associated barriers and challenges. The note will include a summary of initiatives to develop data and AI skills, including those led by industry, Government and the third sector, and stakeholder perspectives on options for further action.

Work on this briefing will commence in February 2023.

Photo by Putilov_denis on Adobe Stock

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