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The UN advocates that trust between the public, government and other public bodies is essential to social, economic and environmental progress, and the smooth functioning of democracy. Public surveys from 2022 have found that, compared to other public institutions, trust in the UK was especially low for the press and news media, and that the UK had one of the lowest levels of trust in the press internationally. They also indicate variations in trust for different groups: for example, older and younger people. Ofcom statistics suggest that most adults get their news via television and online (with rises in social media consumption).

This POSTnote will examine UK levels of trust in public and private broadcasters and news providers. It will highlight both historical and international comparisons, and changes in how people consume news. Bearing in mind how trust varies between different groups, the note will consider factors behind, and the impact of, lack of public trust, and the role and actions of government, regulators and other bodies in tackling this issue.

Work on this briefing will commence in January 2024. We will be accepting contributions until the end of April 2024.

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