The UK Government are consulting on an air quality target (for concentrations of one type of particulate matter, PM2.5) to be achieved over a 15-year period and will shortly publish a national air control plan for consultation. The World Health Organisation published new air quality guidelines last year that suggests a lower target for PM2.5. Leading health organisations stated in June the Government’s proposal to reach 10μg m-3 by 2040 will not provide a sufficiently rapid reduction in impacts on human health, as have the Office of Environmental Protection. This POSTnote will update the 2014 POSTnote on the evidence for the extent of health impacts at different levels to the main air pollutants (particulate matter, NO2 and ozone), and summarise the evidence for different measures to mitigate emissions from different sources of air pollution.

Work on this briefing will commence in September 2022.

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