Sense about Science are hosting their 4th annual Evidence Week in Parliament from 1 – 5 November 2021. This event consists of two days of research briefings in Upper Waiting Hall, as well as virtual sessions happening all week. The sessions are led by leading researchers in the format of 3-minute speed briefings based on the latest findings, which will be put to MPs who can then use this science in future policymaking.

Evidence Week in Parliament is held because we believe that parliamentarians don’t need a scientific background to understand the evidence that underpins vital policy decisions. Evidence Week is an opportunity for the public, parliamentarians, and researchers to come together to share knowledge and insights that will help scrutinise evidence in policymaking.

Evidence Week consists of three main parts

1. Opening event (online). The opening event will be held online Monday 1 November, via zoom. The format will consist of constituents and community groups asking questions to MPs and committee chairs on how parliament is using or scrutinising evidence on subjects that matter to them. MPs and experts will respond, with additional comments from information providers and analysts.

This is a fantastic opportunity to bring together MPs, researchers, and constituents, engaging with cutting edge research on policy decisions that the public have questions about.

To attend, please, email

2. 3 minute speed briefings and meetings with leading researchers (online and in person). Evidence Week will be hosting a series of virtual and in-person speed briefings from our research partners covering topics including, Net Zero, Health, and Data and AI. Face to Face briefings will run in Westminster, room TBC, on Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 November, with pods set up as a live exhibition. MPs, peers, and parliamentary staff can drop in any time and discuss the evidence and briefings presented. MPs and parliamentary staff will also be able to book individual online meetings with researchers to discuss in more detail their work and how evidence can be used in policy making decisions, throughout the entirety of the week.

3. Training for parliamentary staff on using and understanding data in their work on 5th November 1pm-3.30pm (online – email

If you have any questions please contact Sense about Science directly.

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