POST fellows come from all walks of life. Here we have collected testimonials painting a picture of who our fellows are, their fellowship experience, and what they’ve been up to since POST. Anyone can be a POST fellow. You can find out more about our values here. If you have any questions, try our fellowship’s FAQ page.

Dani Rabaiotti

British Ecological Society Fellow in 2016

"Parliament opens so many doors to people who you would never get a chance to talk to or work with as a PhD student"

Malin Rivers

Natural Environment Research Council Fellow in 2009

"It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work at the intersection of science and policy."

Anusha Panjwani

Academic Fellow in 2014

"The experience and networks you establish and nurture are invaluable"

Kate Hamer

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Fellow in 2011

"New skills, networks and an experience which is useful no matter what your next career move may be."

Akshay Deshmukh

Ashok Kumar Fellow in 2016

"It’s highly rewarding to be part of the POST team, learn and contribute, even in a small way, to the parliamentary process."

Robert Mann

UK Research and Innovation Fellow in 2019

“The workload was as demanding as it was rewarding, driven by the fact that your work could inform political debate"

Emmeline Ledgerwood

Research Councils UK Fellow in 2017

“I appreciated being given freedom to approach the research in my own way and being treated as an equal"

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

British Psychological Society Fellow in 2000

“I sometimes wonder whether I would have ended up in this field if I had not read those papers at POST"

Faten Hussein

UK Research and Innovation Fellow in 2017

“You may even encounter something that will change the direction of your research, or your life!"

Amber Griffiths

Natural Environment Research Council Fellow in 2008

“It was a chance to see a world that most people never get to."

Amarpreet Kaur

UK Research and Innovation Fellow in 2019

“I was enabled to network with so many people beneficial to my own research and career."