Meet our past fellows

  • Spotlight on Akshay Deshmukh

    Akshay’s POST fellowship helped to hone his research and communication skills. He is now a postdoctoral associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

    Spotlight on Akshay Deshmukh
  • Spotlight on Amarpreet Kaur

    Amarpreet was a fellow in 2019. Perhaps one of the most enthusiastic fellows to ever grace Parliament’s halls, she takes us through the highlights of her thrilling journey at POST.

    Spotlight on Amarpreet Kaur
  • Spotlight on Amber Griffiths

    Amber Griffiths was a POST fellow in 2008. Now founder and director of her own studio, she reflects on the role of the POST fellowships in her journey.

    Spotlight on Amber Griffiths
  • Spotlight on Anusha Panjwani

    Anusha’s fellowship led to a career in policy. Looking back, she reflects on the lessons she learnt about science and the intricacies of science policy.

    Spotlight on Anusha Panjwani
  • Spotlight on Dani Rabaiotti

    A conservation scientist with a union rep dad, Dani couldn’t wait to get into Parliament and find out how she can motivate change. And once she did, she was not disappointed.

    Spotlight on Dani Rabaiotti
  • Spotlight on Emmeline Ledgerwood

    Emmeline Ledgerwood was a POST fellow in 2017. Being a Hansard reporter in the House of Lords, she wanted to explore more of what Parliament had to offer. She was not disappointed.

    Spotlight on Emmeline Ledgerwood
  • Spotlight on Faten Hussein

    Faten was a fellow in 2017. Her fellowship involved a secondment at a Select Committee. She must have enjoyed herself because she is now a senior specialist in the Select Committee Team in the House of Commons.

    Spotlight on Faten Hussein
  • Spotlight on Kate Hamer

    Kate joined POST in 2011 aspiring to kickstart a career in science policy. Shortly after completing her POST fellowship, she achieved her goal.

    Spotlight on Kate Hamer
  • Spotlight on Malin Rivers

    Malin might have completed her time at POST in 2009, but her fellowship sparked an interest in the science-policy interface that she still has today.

    Spotlight on Malin Rivers
  • Spotlight on Robert Mann

    Robert Mann was a fellow in 2019. Currently a Research Assistant at the University of Exeter, he reflects on the workload of the fellowship and the space it gave him for introspection.

    Spotlight on Robert Mann
  • Spotlight on Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

    21 years ago, Sarah-Jayne cited two of the first papers on teenage brain development in her POSTnote. Today she is leader of the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Group at the University of Cambridge.

    Spotlight on Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

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