• The POST board has approved 4 new POSTnotes.
  • Distance learning
  • Development of vaccine technologies
  • AI in healthcare
  • Regulating product sustainability

New additions to the work programme

Work on these topics will start in the coming months. To produce POSTnotes, advisers and fellows talk to a variety of stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and the third sector. These experts help us identify important themes, point us in the direction of critical literature, and even help us peer-review the final reports.

To contribute with literature, expertise or as a peer-reviewer please click below on the scope of the topic you are interested in.

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Distance learning

A POSTnote on distance learning will look at the ways in which digital technology is currently used in the education sector, the opportunities it offers, and its limitations. It will cover trends in distance learning alongside evidence for effectiveness compared to traditional classroom-based courses. Provisional start date: September 2020. Read more on distance learning…

Development of vaccine technologies

A POSTnote on vaccine development will look at the opportunities that new vaccine technologies offer relative to conventional approaches and the latest information from current vaccine pipelines. It will also discuss policy approaches to stimulate and fast-track vaccine research and development, particularly in the context of an emerging infectious disease. Provisional start date: July 2020. Read more on vaccine technologies…

AI and healthcare

A POSTnote on AI and healthcare will look at the current applications, opportunities and limitations of AI. It will review available evidence on the impact of AI on healthcare delivery and costs and will explore the main ethical, social and regulatory challenges to its use. Read more on AI and healthcare…

Regulating product sustainability

A POSTnote on product sustainability will summarise the core environmental considerations relating to design, and the policy measures promoting design of sustainable products. It will look at and how this relates to wider circular economy measures and material use efficiency. Provisional start date: July 2020. Read more on product sustainability…

Other work in production