• The POST board has approved three new POSTnotes.
  • A global deal for nature.
  • Resilient food supply chains.
  • Non-custodial sentencing

New additions to the work programme

Work on these topics will start in the coming months. To produce POSTnotes, advisers and fellows talk to a variety of stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and the third sector. These experts help us identify important themes, point us in the direction of critical literature, and even help us peer-review the final reports.

To contribute literature, expertise, or as an external reviewer please click below on the scope of the topic you are interested in.

A global deal for nature

A POSTnote on a global deal for nature will summarise the link between climate change and biodiversity loss. It will explain why experts are calling for formal protection for 30% of the Earth from human activities, to go alongside the Paris Climate Agreement. Read more on the global deal for nature…

Resilient food supply chains

A POSTnote on resilient food supply chains will explain how new techniques could help track food. Such developments could help consumers, businesses, and policy makers understand the environmental impact of food imports and build more sustainable food systems. Read more on food supply chains…

Non-custodial sentencing

Finally, a POSTnote on alternative sentencing will examine how alternatives to imprisonment might help reduce prison overcrowding and re-offending. It will present current alternatives as well as alternatives being trialled internationally. Read more on non-custodial sentencing…