• The POST board has approved 10 new POSTnotes.
  • 3D printing in medicine
  • Algorithms and accountability
  • An update on autism
  • Bioenergy and carbon capture and storage
  • Climate change and aviation
  • Infrastructure and climate change
  • Online extremism
  • Screen time in young people
  • Plant genetic resources
  • Sustainable cooling

New additions to the work programme

Work on these topics will start in the coming months. To produce POSTnotes, advisers and fellows talk to a variety of stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and the third sector. These experts help us identify important themes, point us in the direction of critical literature, and even help us peer-review the final reports.

To contribute expertise, literature or as an external reviewer, please click below on the scope of the topic you are interested in.

3D printing in medicine

A POSTnote on 3D printing in medicine will review the latest medical applications of the technology, such as the production of printed tissue and biologically active scaffolds. It will examine the regulatory issues that such approaches raise. Read more on 3D printing in medicine…

Algorithms and accountability

A POSTnote on algorithms and accountability will examine how algorithms can be accountable and transparent. It will look at the design and auditing of data, and present how algorithms can become biased and possible solutions. Read more on algorithms and accountability…

An update on autism

A POSTnote on autism will update our work from 2008. It will outline changes in awareness and research and examine the extent to which these have improved service provision for people with autism. Read more on autism…

Bioenergy and carbon capture and storage

A POSTnote on bioenergy and carbon capture and storage will summarise the technology. It will explore the magnitude of bioenergy carbon capture and storage needed to mitigate climate change and the land pressure and other challenges that arise. Read more on bioenergy…

Climate change and aviation

A POSTnote on climate change and aviation will look at the carbon footprint of commercial flights. It will review potential technical solutions and other policy options including carbon offsetting and ways to reduce flight demand. Read more on aviation…

Infrastructure and climate change

It will include the side-effects of extreme weather such as coastal erosion, and examine solutions. A POSTnote on infrastructure and climate change will look at how resilient the UK’s infrastructure is to extreme weather conditions predicted by climate change. Read more on infrastructure and climate change…

Online extremism

A POSTnote on online extremism will examine the extent of the problem and explore solutions. Following the Government’s 2019 Online Harms White Paper companies could be responsible for the safety of users. This note will look at digital & face-to-face solutions. Read more on online extremism…

Screen time in young people

A POSTnote on screen time in young people will review the evidence on children and young people’s use of devices with screens, examine the links between screen time and poor health outcomes, and present policy implications. Read more on screen time in young people…

Plant genetic resources

A POSTnote on the international treaty on plant genetic resources, will look at optimising crops for agriculture. It will examine how regulating information from selective breeding and ‘omics’ technologies, could promote sustainable and fair crop production. Read more on plant genetic resources…

Sustainable cooling

A POSTnote on sustainable cooling will look at how we can sustainably cool homes and goods in a warming world. It will review UK preparedness, balance cooling needs against electricity demand and carbon goals, and explore solutions. Read more on sustainable cooling…

Other work in production