In September, 2021 Dr Vicky Ward (University of St Andrews) and Dr Mark Monaghan (University of Birmingham) were jointly awarded a Parliamentary Academic Fellowship by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST). They will spend 12 months examining the global landscape of organisations, infrastructures and processes to help parliaments, congresses or other types of legislature access and harness academic knowledge. This is sometimes termed ‘legislative science advice’, ‘technology assessment’ or ‘knowledge brokering’ but also goes by many other names.

With academic backgrounds in knowledge exchange and evidence Vicky and Mark aim to map the global landscape of mechanisms linking parliaments with academic knowledge, understand how these different mechanisms operate, illustrate the range of alternative approaches to linking parliaments with academic knowledge and enable the practitioners involved to build global connections with one another.

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As an early part of the project, they are looking for people to contribute to a digital map of organisations, infrastructures and processes linking parliaments, congresses or other types of legislature to academics and academic knowledge. Infrastructures and processes may exist either within or outside the parliament (or other legislative institution) at the regional, national and supranational level. Contributions are anonymous and it is hoped that the map will form a resource for those involved in harnessing academic knowledge that can be used to form connections and share learning.

Please visit this link to contribute to this exciting mapping exercise: Global map of infrastructure and processes linking legislatures (e.g. parliaments, congresses) to academics and academic knowledge (

If you would like to find out more about the project or how to get involved, please email or

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