Psychedelic drugs are substances that can have a range of psychological effects on their users, such as changing sensory perceptions, thought processes, energy levels or mood. Researchers are studying whether psychedelic drugs have the potential to be a safe and effective treatment for mental health conditions. There is specific interest as to whether psychedelic drugs can be as, or more effective than current approaches that typically include drug treatments or psychological therapies, or a combination of both.

These evidence reviews discuss the latest research examining how they could be used to treat depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), eating disorders and addictions. These are not systematic reviews, but focus on the key literature, including all types of study methods, and highlight current research investments, programmes and clinical trials.

This is part of our wider work on the use of psychedelics to treat mental health conditions. POST will publish a major briefing on this theme later in 2024.