After studying History at university, I did various jobs back home in Belfast. These included working at a public affairs consultancy, a university, a library, and as a tour guide in a mediaeval castle. I then made the big move to London. My first role in the House of Commons was in the Overseas Office.

I’m now a policy specialist on agriculture, food and flooding in the House of Commons Library. My job includes researching and writing briefings, as well as responding to information and research requests from MPs. My time is shared with work as a specialist for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, where I help MPs on the Committee do their job in making recommendations and holding the Government to account.

It’s a real privilege to work for Parliament. I really feel like I’m making a difference in my job, providing elected representatives with information and analysis that helps them serve their constituents and the country. I’m always busy, and it can be really challenging to produce work that is accurate and accessible within very tight timescales. But this just contributes to the Library being such an exciting and rewarding place to work.