I grew up on the Norfolk coast. When I wasn’t pulling pints in the holiday parks, I developed my love for nature. I studied environmental science at university and then worked for nature conservation charities for a few years. I returned to university to get a MSc, and after a short time working as a researcher, I joined the House of Commons Library as an environment specialist. 

I didn’t grow up exposed to politics, so I was worried about fitting in. However, Parliament employs many research specialists from a range of backgrounds, and it didn’t take long to develop a supportive network.  

My time in Parliament has been fantastic. The work is all about making our democracy and country as good as it can be, so it’s hugely rewarding. It’s amazing when you see MPs using your work to really engage on an issue or to make a better law. 

Parliament also offers a varied and exciting career. Among the various jobs I’ve had, I helped to set up a research department in a parliament overseas.  

My current role as Head of POST is also varied and exciting. I might be editing a briefing on artificial intelligence in the morning, speaking at an event with researchers in the afternoon and then attending a seminar with a chief scientist in the evening.  

I also interact with inspiring MPs, Peers, colleagues, and experts who help to inform our work. Working with such interesting people is one of the best parts of the job. 

If you are also passionate about making a difference, please explore our opportunities or apply for one of our fellowship schemes! 

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