About our board

The POST board meets quarterly to discuss proposals for POSTnotes and helps decide which topics should be covered. These meetings ensure that POST’s work programme of future research reflects the current interests of Parliament.

To ensure impartiality, the POST board reflects the make-up of Parliament and spans various scientific disciplines. The board consists of:

  • Parliamentarians drawn from the House of Commons and the House of Lords, roughly reflecting the balance of parties in Parliament
  • Leading non-parliamentarians from the research community, nominated by the National Academies.
  • Representatives from parliamentary teams, including the House of Lords, Research and Information (R&I), and Chamber and Committees


Commons representatives

Lords representatives

Senior parliamentary officials

  • Grant Hill-Cawthorne

    Member of the board; House of Commons Librarian and Managing Director of Research and Information

  • Ariella Huff

    Member of the board; Director of Select Committee Scrutiny and Analysis, House of Commons

  • Xameerah Malik

    Member of the board; Head of Science and Environment Section, House of Commons Library

Non-parliamentary representatives

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