About our international work

POST is an established leader in the field of parliamentary technology assessment. As one of the first bodies to advise a legislature on science and technology, we are often asked for support by other legislatures looking to strengthen their capacity in technology assessment and the use of research.

In previous years we delivered a science advice capacity building programme for the Parliament of Uganda and hosted and trained research staff from the Ugandan and Malawian Parliaments.

Throughout 2018 we provided advice and training to over 25 academics participating in the Ciencia en el Parlamento (‘Science in Parliament’) initiative, which has led to the Spanish Congress approving a budget of €200,000 for a new science and technology office.

Other ongoing collaborations include projects with legislatures in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico.

POST is currently developing a new strategy for its international work and creating a set of resources to support other legislatures to strengthen their science advice capabilities. We have also recently taken over the Presidency of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment network. For UK 2020 we will be hosting technology assessment practitioners from around the world at the network’s annual conference.

A brief history of POST

With 30 years of experience, POST is one of the oldest surviving bodies of its kind in the world. But how was POST established and how does it continue to provide impactful science and technology assesment?