We value feedback and always share it with relevant colleagues. Below is our policy on how we manage feedback from members of the public. The policy explains how you can submit your feedback and what we do with it: 

  • Members of the public should send any feedback to papers@parliament.uk. 
  • Feedback will be reviewed against our Editorial Policy and our commitment to impartiality. You may find it useful to refer to our Editorial Policy if your feedback is about the content of our publications or research. We do not enter extended correspondence about the content of our publications. 
  • You will receive a response within 10 working days. We will also let you know if your feedback has resulted in a change and / or correction. 
  • We do not provide individual responses to campaigning communications or where large volumes have been received on the same topic but will instead publish a statement on our website. 
  • If you are unhappy with our response you can ask for it to be reviewed. A review by the Head of POST, who may consult the Managing Director of Research and Information, is the final stage of the review process.