About POST fellowships

We run a number of fellowship schemes with learned societies, professional associations, and funding bodies. They start throughout the year and typically last 3 months, although part-time fellowships can last for longer.

During a POST fellowship, fellows learn how to write with balance and impartiality by contributing to the production of POSTnotes and POSTbriefs. They have the opportunity to delve into novel and exciting areas of research, develop a unique understanding of the UK Parliament, and forge relationships with key stakeholders. Some of our fellows also complete secondments with select committees, the House of Commons Library or the House of Lords Library.

All POST fellows need to be able to work in the UK and successful applicants can only be confirmed after they complete national security vetting.

Our fellowship schemes

POST fellowship spotlights

What is a POST fellowship like? What opportunities can it lead to? Find out more in our series of interviews with past fellows.

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