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Work on these topics will start in the coming months. To produce POSTnotes, advisers and fellows talk to a variety of stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and the third sector. These experts help us identify important themes, point us in the direction of critical literature, and even help us peer-review the final reports.

To contribute with literature, expertise or as a peer-reviewer please click below on the scope of the topic you are interested in.

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Coastal management

A POSTnote on coastal management will summarise emerging evidence and its implications for coastal flood risk management. It will review how sea level rise and climate change may impact storm patterns and how these impacts can be mitigated to protect coastal areas. Read more on coastal management.

Environmentally efficient residential buildings

A POSTnote on green building will summarise the key criteria affecting the environmental performance of buildings. It will review the challenges and opportunities for improving the UK housing stock to meet likely future standards. Read more on environmentally efficient residential buildings.

Net zero and decarbonising construction

A POSTbrief on decarbonising construction will discuss opportunities for achieving net-zero in the built environment. It will look at options for reducing carbon emissions across the lifecycle of buildings and how this could inform sustainability targets and construction standards. It will provide an overview of innovations in low carbon building materials and the technologies that could be incorporated into buildings to reduce emissions. Read more on net zero and decarbonising construction.

Remote and flexible working

A POSTnote on remote and flexible working will look at differences by sector and occupation, and how organisations intend to use remote working following the pandemic. It will review impacts on productivity, health and well-being. It will also look at future options to ensure support and reduce inequalities. Read more on remote and flexible working.

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