POST board

The POST Board oversees POST’s objectives, outputs and future work programme.

It meets quarterly to discuss proposals for POSTnotes and decide which briefings should be produced. These meetings ensure that POST’s work programme reflects the current interests of UK Parliament.

To maximise impartiality, the POST Board reflects the makeup of UK Parliament and spans the breadth of scientific disciplines. It comprises:

  • 14 parliamentarians drawn from the House of Commons (10) and the House of Lords (4), roughly reflecting the balance of parties in Parliament.
  • Leading non-parliamentarians from the research community, nominated by their learned societies.
  • Representatives of the House of Lords and the Research & Information and Chamber and Committees teams of the House of Commons.
  • No Members of the Commons currently sit on the POST board, following the 2019 General Election. Members of the Commons will be selected in spring 2020.


House of Lords



Dr Grant Hill-Cawthorne, Head of POST
Penny Young, House of Commons Librarian and Managing Director of Research & Information
James Rhys
Principal Clerk of Select Committees,
House of Commons
Edward Potton, Head of Science and Environment Section, House of Commons Library
Nicolas Besly,
Clerk of Select
Committees, House of Lords