An introduction to Research for Parliament 2021

This publication builds on POST’s previous horizon scans and represents evidence gathered between May 2020 and December 2020.

Demographic change and public services

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Environmental pressures and climate change

  • Rebuilding marine biodiversity

    Implementing CBD requirements to protect 30% of the global ocean will need to be informed by what interventions can address pressures on marine ecosystems to be successful.

  • Soil as an essential national asset

    Climate change and poor management pose significant threats to soils and the services they provide; appropriate baselines and data need to be identified to assess changes in soil health.

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Geopolitical and governance challenges

  • Physical threats to infrastructure

    Climate change and decarbonisation efforts are impacting infrastructure. How might these changes intersect with protections against malicious attacks?

  • Regulation and state use of social media

    The use of social media raises questions around security, state regulation, privacy, and online safety. How can states balance regulation and personal freedom?

  • Business priorities post-COVID

    COVID-19, Brexit and consumer behaviours are changing the way businesses operate. What could the impact be on manufacturing, retail and service provision?

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Resource security and sustainability

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Social and cultural trends

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Technological advances

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